Unexpected guests

Over time I have made many “friends” virtually i.e. over social networks like Facebook and by leaving a comment or two after reading an interesting blog. In most instances, it is likely the case that these “friends” will always remain virtual where we will probably not meet in this lifetime.

This, however, was not the case with a certain “friend.” This friend is an author and professor in philosophy and world religion. His books are some that I’d use as reference in preparation for my talks in Eastern religion. (To me, he’s a greater authority in Chinese religions and Buddhism than many Asian scholars – he knows more about Chinese mythologies than most of us Chinese!) After reading the essay he contributed to a book on movie and philosophy (his was on Hong Kong kung fu movies) I decided to send him an email to thank him for the insight. To my surprise he replied my email and before we knew it, we were friends on Facebook and the rest, as they say, is history.

Then one day I received a message that he and his wife would be visiting Singapore. Naturally I offered our humble home if they needed a place to stay. My offer was quickly accepted – much to my husband and my delight. After months of anticipation, the day finally came when we greeted Win and June Corduan into our abode. What was unfortunate was that their week-long visit coincided with the start of our home travel to the USA. But we did get to spend a few days with them before we left our apartment in their hands.

The have been instances in the past when I would love a person’s work in writing but when I finally meet him/her in person, it’s a disappointment (pride is always a turn-off for me!). Win Corduan definitely DOES NOT belong to that list. He and his wife were godly, warm, funny, down-to-earth and such great friends to little people, too (my 2.75 year old son loved them!). For such an accomplished scholar, he’s so unassuming and amiable.

We consider it such great joy and a special blessing to be friends with this amazing couple and to have hosted them in our home. When the years have past, and my son is an adult, he will have a story to tell – that he knew Win Corduan and his wife when they visited his home when he was two.


~ by iccthomas on December 20, 2011.

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