Blogdentity crisis

I have been thinking, pondering actually, about what to do with this blog. So far this site has been a mish-mash of very diverse topics – from cooking, photography to reflections on life and philosophy – ALL of which are my interests. The past year when I took a year off work to stay home with my then infant son, I had more time on my hands to write – hence the frequent entry but my entries were skewed more towards domestic concerns. During that year I developed a love for cooking and as a result a lot of what I talked about here had to do with my culinary experiments. But, I am no food blogger and do not intend to be one.

Then the return to full-time work that left me with little time to blog (keeping my other family news blog posted is a challenge as it is!). Rejoining the workforce also means I’m back on the saddle where much of what occupy my time has to do with theology, philosophy, ethics and reflections on such matters. Cooking and baking, while still fun and a huge part of my responsibility, is no longer experimental but survival. Meal-planning took a lower priority to designing a relevant talk to my upcoming audience.

Upon realistic sight into the future, I decided that it will be a long while before I will be afforded the luxury to blog about my favorite recipes again. It is with this thought that I now declare this blogsite one where I post about my work, random Ah-ha moments and matters that presently occupy my sojourn here . Don’t expect long drawn out theological or philosophical arguments or comments here as I know I will not have the time for such long entries nor am I an intentional scholar or theologian. I’m just one of the many boats out in the sea…  :o)


~ by iccthomas on March 25, 2011.

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