Starting a family tradition – the Easter feast

I’ve never before associated Good Friday and Easter with a special celebratory feast. They were instead associated with fasting or meat-fasting. However, many of the culinary sites that I stopped by today were discussing the Easter feast. This got me thinking that perhaps I ought to consider cooking a special meal for the family to commemorate Easter. After all, what is Easter if not the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus  – an event which began hours prior with a supper (his passover supper with his disciples) followed soon by his death on the cross.

Upon further reflection, it became clear that food and mealtimes were a common feature in Jesus’ life as recorded in the New Testament of the bible. Contrary to what some people believe, Jesus enjoyed eating – especially dining with friends and family. Some of his most memorable conversations took place over a meal. And after his resurrection, he made breakfast for his disciples on the beach!

So, it would only be apropos that we celebrate his coming back to life with a feast. And it is with this conviction that I have decided to start a new tradition for us as a family – the Easter feast. Next question – what shall I serve? Fish, perhaps? Since that was one of Jesus’ meals after his resurrection.


~ by iccthomas on March 31, 2010.

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