Birthday cake for the boy

Mere hours before I had to bake the cake for my son’s birthday my oven broke! Mind you the thought of baking AND decorating a cake for such an important occasion (first birthday) was daunting enough for a baking novice like me. And to have things break down hours before I get down to action – very nerve breaking! So, I rushed down to the nearest mall with a friend and picked up a modern and sleek convection microwave oven.

Thankfully, the cake turned out fine and thanks to my sister who was visiting, she helped with the decorating. I did the writing on the cake and thought that it was pretty impressive for a first-timer (if I may say so myself!). As the theme colors were blue and brown, we used the same on the cake and also played with farm animals as Craig loves the song Old MacDonald.

Having worked with icing, I think the idea of baking cute little cupcakes with icing toppings will seem less intimidating.


~ by iccthomas on February 8, 2010.

One Response to “Birthday cake for the boy”

  1. The cake was beautiful! Good job Mom!

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