Blocks of yummy for little tummies

I do a lot of cooking nowadays – but mostly for my almost 8-month old son. While I love some of the food jars from the store (especially the ones by Healthy Times), they can be pretty costly over time now that my son is on solids three meals a day. So, I have been slaving in the kitchen concocting various recipes for the little tummy and freezing them using ice-cube makers. A lot of moms I know would make fresh porridge for their tykes daily but I find making them in advance and freezing them works just as well. As I freeze them as soon as they cool down, their nutritional value is retained. And the convenience! When it’s mealtime, I just thaw out the right number of cubes and we are set.


I have not been offering any juice to the little one so far as most baby books would recommend against that until they turn one. However, a few days ago I read from a book by Annabel Karmel that Vitamin C would help the absorption of iron especially vegetable-based iron. Her book also recommends that a little juice be served along with lunch and dinner. Hence, I have been giving a little juice with the main meals of the day. But store-bought juice comes in a jar that is too much to finish within 24 hours (the duration opened store-bought jars are to be kept in the fridge). I always end up having to toss at least half of the juice away until…


It occurred to me that I could freeze the juice just like I freeze the other food! You may think, “Duh, yeah!” But I do not know why I never thought of it before! Freezing them in cubes also makes it a zip for me to use them when I am making purees. Brilliant! Armed with this new idea, I went out to the store to stock up on various juices for  my little boy.


~ by iccthomas on October 7, 2009.

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