Less is more

It has been more than six months since I had my baby and I have finally resolved that there will be clothes, especially pants and jeans that I will never get back into ever again. While I have no issue with my post-baby physique,  I hated the fact that I have to give up some of my clothes – some of which I have only worn for a few months before I got pregnant last year.

Nonetheless, I’m not planning on letting wishful thinking (that one day I’ll be able to wear size 4 again) take up storage space which is a premium for us. Presently, we are using some of the shelf space in my son’s room to make up for lack of wardrobe space in our bedroom. However, with the little boy growing up fast, he is beginning to need more  room for his books, toys and clothes.

Hence, the last few days I’ve been clearing out items that no longer fit. As always, it is surprisingly therapeutic to declutter once you grit your teeth against sentimentality. So far, I have gathered up two huge bags of preloved clothes to be given away. Note to self when I go shopping next: Quality over quantity!DSCN0983

The short stack of jeans I now own:DSCN0987


~ by iccthomas on September 29, 2009.

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