My mother calls me a pack rat. But I beg to differ. A survey to what is highly demanded on Craigslist and a visit to the Apartment Therapy site will prove that my reluctance to throw away things old will eventually pay off. I suspect that my object-sentimental trait comes from my late maternal grandmother. That is why when she passed away over eight months ago, I pleaded with my mother to not throw anything of hers away until I have gone through them. (You see, my mother is the type who would not hesitate to throw anything out if it no longer serves a purpose around the house)

True enough, I found things that I could fetch a sum on Craigslist for their Retro-value. Unfortunately, due to transportation challenges, I am not able to move much of what I found to our place. But I was able to bring some small items which may not be worth any on the antique market but surely evoke great nostalgia in me. Take for instance, two sets of cup and saucer which are almost 40 years old. I know how old they are as they were redeemed from Dumex, a baby formula brand, when I was feeding on it!


I also found a china bowl and a fine bone china tea cup set that were part of my grandmother’s wedding gift when she was married almost 65 years ago. Oh, how the years go by…DSCN0950


~ by iccthomas on September 18, 2009.

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