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The American Presidential race just got more interesting with the naming of Sarah Palin as McCain’s running mate. From the little reported in the media about this scarcely known Governor of Alaska I was impressed. But today, after digging further into what she’s about, I find myself very excited about this VP nominee who is barely a few years older than I am.

What’s there to not like about her? She’s a full-time working mom (read: she identifies with most of our struggles and guilt!); she carried her Down Syndrome fifth child to term (read: she’s not just pro-life in rhetoric but for real!); she has a son who’s deployed to Iraq soon (read: she feels along with the tens of thousands of parents who have their children in Iraq); and she has a teenage daughter who’s pregnant (read: she knows how challenging it is to be parents to teenagers AND she’s not perfect – like most of us!).

In addition, her position on most issues is similar to mine – read here. She’s also, according to Jennifer Roback Morse: “a post-feminist, professional woman. She doesn’t so much reject Establishment Feminism: she just ignores it. She has a collaborative relationship with her husband, not, as far as I can tell, an adversarial or competitive relationship with him. He is not an obstacle to her life goals: he is a help and support to them.

I truly hope she will succeed in her race and continue to be an inspiration to women all around the world!


~ by iccthomas on September 2, 2008.

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