Of iPods and airports

I’m on the road again – this time for a week. Unlike my last few trips to India, I have come equipped. My typical trip to India involves visits to a few cities and that means hours and hours of transit at various bleak Indian airports (the worst I’ve been so far has been Kolkata’s).

Before, I would while away my hours by reading. But sometimes after a bumpy and winding 4-hour car ride, I am just too tired to read. C’mon, the lady just wants to vege!

Recollection of such distressing moments at airports compelled me to buy an iPod a few weeks ago. After all, isn’t getting a MacBook the first step towards Apple addiction?
(Pix courtesy of http://wanderingdanny.com/hong-kong/markets-museums-temple.html)

With a whopping 80 Gb of space, I could have seasons and seasons of my favorite tv shows on it – 30 Rock, CSI, Will&Grace, etc. Last evening, while waiting for my connecting flight in New Delhi, I saw five episodes of CSI!!!

As resistant as I am to the impact of technology on our lives and relationships, I wonder how I have managed without my gadgets. Alas, I think I may have arrived at the dark side…


~ by iccthomas on May 12, 2008.

One Response to “Of iPods and airports”

  1. Hi I-Ching,

    hmm… I’ve been thinking of getting an ipod too recently, but still lack the push to get it. Probably because I seldom travel, thus, dont really need it (that shows that I learned something from your ‘anti-consumerism’ lectures).

    Whether is this the dark side…well… probably it’s not. Perhaps, the time when the notion of interwoven relation between technology and human identity has become more obvious now. Especially when technology has so much to offer to our comfort, leisure, and other pursuits 🙂

    Take care and safe journey

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