McGriddle has arrived!

One of the things I most looked forward to on our annual trip to the USA is breakfast at Mickey D’s. While we would normally not eat at McDonald’s unless we are starving and there’s nothing else available, I was introduced to its breakfast McGriddle a few years ago when I worked as a secret shopper and had to rate the fastfood chain’s service.
It was love at first bite – the Sausage McGriddle. What’s there not to love? Sausage: checked; pancake: checked; maple syrup: checked. Packing all my faves into a sandwich was a brilliant idea.

However, when we moved to Singapore, we realized that the McGriddle hasn’t gotten this far yet. So, breakfast at Mickey D’s was only an annual indulgence for the past three years – until today! While watching tv last night, we came across the “new” McGriddle commercial. I almost screamed in excitement! So, this morning we made our way to the nearest McDonald’s and ordered our first McGriddle breakfast in Singapore. Hmmm… yummy.

We all know that global food chains typically make contextual adjustments to their products according to local tastes and preferences. Here’s what we think Mickey D’s did to the breakfast sandwich in Singapore: the pancake part of the sandwich is not as sweet as in the US, there’s probably less maple syrup in the pancake (I remember that in the US, the maple syrup would be dripping out as I bite into the sandwich) and finally, I think they use less or none butter in the sandwich.

Husband and I suspect that they make the sandwich overall less sweet here as Asians typically have a lower tolerance for sweetness.
We observed a similar phenomenon when we were in Jakarta, Indonesia last weekend. Our local friend told us that the Indonesian-bred donut chain, J. Co. is doing better than Krispy Kreme as the latter’s donuts are sweeter. Interesting… For us, we were just pleased to treat ourselves to some Krispy Kreme donuts as we reminisce our So. Cal. days!


~ by iccthomas on April 30, 2008.

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