Political wives

A few weeks ago we saw the shameless confession of Eliot Spitzer (ex-Governor of NY) of his prostitute-hopping hobby. Then barely days into his office, the new Governor of the state of NY announced that he’s had numerous affairs in the past, including one with a woman who’s in his office now!

Now, the fact that these men have cheated on their wives is, unfortunately, not THAT shocking. What’s more mind-boggling is that every time these men confess their infidelity, they have their wives with them (as if the presence of their wife would enhance the credibility of their repentance which in turn would save their character a little!). As I read the various accounts of such confessions, I cannot help but imagine what I would do if my husband had to make a similar public announcement. I also cannot help but conclude that one would have to drag me by my hair, dead, for me to even consent to such a sad and shameful affair. As if it’s not hurtful and devastating enough to have your man cheat on you, now you have to stand by him and aid him in asking the public’s forgiveness??? Unbelievable. Are these women for real and think that they are expected of such disgraceful tasks as a wife? Political wife or not, I am not sure if any woman should ever subject herself to such a humiliating role of a co-confessor of a lying adulterer.

Hence, Maggie Gallagher accounts my exact sentiments when she appeals to all cheating public-figure husbands to stop torturing their wives by making them appear empathetic as they list their illicit sexual encounters to the world.


~ by iccthomas on March 28, 2008.

One Response to “Political wives”

  1. The time will come when the roles will be reverse, you think? Hillary confessing her affairs, while Bill stand by his woman.

    Not as crazy as you think… đŸ™‚

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