Movies to look out for…

While I love John Irving as a writer, I’m not sure if I agree with some of his views about life. For example, the movie “The Cider House Rules” was made based on his book of the same title. The basic premise of the book/movie is on the work (and the good) of an abortionist – basically an effort to appeal to your emotions and sympathy towards women who are pregnant from rape and incestuous sexual abuse. While I have deep hatred for any form of sexual evil, I am also wary of any attempt to supposedly set things right that would involve the termination of another life. As Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek Enterprise once said, “No being is so important that it can usurp the rights of another.

Anyhow, movie makers in Hollywood have for a long time now been more sympathetic towards the Pro-choice movement. However, lately, there seems to be a shift in their view of the life of the unborn. So, here’s a list of movies I’m looking forward to spending my evenings watching…1) Bella (, 2) Noelle (,
3) Juno
( and (this is an older one which I’ve seen – a bit raunchy but very funny!)
4) Knocked Up

So, let’s pop the corn!


~ by iccthomas on March 13, 2008.

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