It was a trendy Coach hobo – in a nice tan shade. She was pretty, too, and stylish. It would have been a perfect combo – except that she’s not holding her purse – her boyfriend, or husband was the one who had the expensive Coach hobo slung on his shoulder. My eyes made a quick check to see if she has a lot of shopping bags in her hands – which may explain why she needed her man to carry her purse for her. But no! Her hands were free but other-half is styling her handbag! Hmmm…
This is not the first time I cringe at such a sight. Increasingly, I see men carrying their lady’s purse. Now, lady, why would you want to bring along a purse if you’re not planning to hold on to it. Escapes me… And, men, you look a tat too comfortable and attached to your lady’s purse!

On the other end of the spectrum, I have to beg my husband to hang on to my purse for even a few seconds as I need to attend to something else urgently with both hands. And when he has to hold on to my handbag when I visit the loo, he makes sure that it is evident to all that he is not relishing the experience of slinging on to my hobo by holding it as far away from his body as possible in the most awkward way – “Ok – I get the message, give me back my purse!”

Am I being a conservative here with regards to the expression/appearance of masculinity and femininity or is there really a new trend brewing:


~ by iccthomas on February 18, 2008.

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