Scaling down is hard to do

It was a decision most difficult for us to make but we have decided on an apartment that is half the size of where we are now. With the real estate market here still going strong, it does not look like we’d be able to get anything close to what we have now anytime soon.

It has been reported that moving is one of the most stressful events in one’s life – and I believe it. When we moved to Singapore from the US three years ago, I lost tonnes of hair during those few months from stress! Now that my hair is finally growing back, we’ve to move again!

We need to move out of our apartment by the end of May but we really have to start packing now, in view of the amount of stuff we have. Times like these, we find ourselves asking, “Why did I get this leather jacket again?” when we come across our leather jackets all moldy from the lack of use and humidity here in tropical Singapore. Or, “What was I thinking???” as I’m rediscover my 3-inch stiletto black heels which I’ve only attempted to wear once – three years ago! You’d also hear me say to my husband caustically as I find his uncanny CD collection, “If only I knew you like this kind of music when we were dating!!!”

Anyhow, as a staunch believer in checklists, I revel in the fact that life-savers such as the Real Simple magazine exists. Their website offers tonnes of FREE checklists and resources. I’ve also been able to find exciting decor inspiration for small spaces from sites like Finally, I’m able to put some of my design ideas for those fabric and saris that I lugged back from Madras, India to real use…yay!


~ by iccthomas on February 16, 2008.

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